Mary Crowley Counselling Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Life can be challenging at times, many people experience emotional difficulties at some point in their lives. Often it is hard to understand the root of one's own pain and we can find ourselves trying to ignore it. Often burying our difficulties so effectively that we end up losing sight of them. However the emotional residue still remains in the back of our minds. This is why painful memories in the past can affect the way we feel and behave at the present moment, and may result in us repeating the same patterns of behaviour which do not seem to help us. So we end up feeling stuck. It maybe helpful to think of it as an early life, yet invisable emotional template that still impacts on us and our realtionships in our present life.

My counselling approach is designed to help you explore your emotional life, the way in which you relate to yourself and others. Helping you identify and understand negative patterns of relating and behaving, So that you can begin to find better ways of coping with life's difficulties . Counselling is a uniquely personal experience, offering you a regular time and space to think about your life, a time for pause and self reflection

What matters is what matters to you, when you feel the quality of your life is being undermined by anxiety and emotional distress , by putting words to your experience in a safe space offers a powerful way to find a new alternative path. Giving you a greater sense of yourself and your potential.

It takes a great deal of courage to ask for help of this kind, especially when you are struggling , but couselling could help you get back in touch with yourself and enable you to regain a sense of healthy control over your life.

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